Putting the WOW into FRAO

Rosarito’s Foreign Resident’s Attention Office (FRAO) has been in existence for more than a decade yet amazingly enough, when we visited the organization’s Facebook page to see how many expats were aware of it, we were shocked to find only 968 likes. This was particularly curious, since the information they supplied us with mentioned that they were founded in 2004. Let’s see if shining some light on this association that exists solely to assist us can help to increase its membership & attendance at its regularly scheduled meetings, as well as sharpen its focus on making living here (south-of-the-border) an even more meaningful experience.
If you’re not already a member (or familiar with the group’s goals),  you probably will be interested in knowing precisely what FRAO does. According to the storyline posted on their aforementioned Facebook page, they”…provide orientation for local residential procedures as well as adequate referrals for counseling and/or services in matters such as immigration, land leases & bank trusts, concessions, taxes, urban development,& medical, cultural and social matters. It does all these things though interactions with local community offices in our municipality as well as through charitable organizations.”
Its listed contact info is as follows: via phone…(661) 614-9600, ext 1080…or via e-mail: frao@rosarito.gob.mx.Now let’s see what the organization itself wants us to know when queried to supply more information.
“FRAO was founded in 2004, encouraging the development and cooperative relationships between the municipal, state and federal offices for the foreign residents who have chosen Rosarito Beach as their permanent or temporary place to live. It is currently the only organization of its kind in the state of Baja California.”
“ FRAO’s staff provides orientation and counseling in the following areas: government and public services, immigration, taxes, urban development and cultural/social matters. We supply a vigorous outreach for all area projects through interactions with the local community as well as all the offices of our municipality & charitable/non-profit organizations including Cruz Roja’s American/Canadian volunteers, The Flying Samaritans,  and the United Society of Baja California.”
Playas de Rosarito recently announced its membership in the International Sister Cities program. This beneficial outreach, which includes the exchange of ideas, activities, and new relationships on behalf of our city is a major step forward. Currently the services of this program are offered legally to foreign residents and in support of people with disabilities & to all public school/university students. Work meetings and conferences including our mayor, immigration officials and public works officers are regularly scheduled. Sister Cities International and The U.S./Mexico Sister Cities Association are integral components of the program. Presently a Foundation of Friendship Cooperation Agreement exits between the Mayors of Rosarito Beach, MX and, in the U.S.A, the Mayors of Imperial Beach, Long Beach, and National City, California.”

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