Palacio del Mar In (and Under) The ‘Hood.’

Buying a home is a complicated process that can be fraught with peril, including ‘potholes’ to be navigated, both in construction and with legal matters. Doing so in another country can complicate the complexities, sometimes exponentially. Palacio del Mar’s beauty exceeds expectations but it’s what has been built into the experience that is not readily visible that makes it such a special place to live.

The world-class professionals that envisioned and developed the concept have 25 years of experience in delivering high end residences and commercial buildings in Mexico City. Some of their prestigious  award-winning projects  completed there include  the unique Villa del Lago (six modern apartment towers built around an historic  hacienda), Puerta del Lago (four towers, part of a stunningly landscaped complex including a  lake & adjacent swimming lagoon plus an indoor soccer field AND pool) and Residencial; Insurgentes, a 14 story , 76  unit luxury high rise. Of their many commercial developments two of the best known are Magnocentro A and Magnocentro B.

On a recent visit to our neighborhood’s under-construction ocean front property, we were fortunate that one of the principals from MEXDESA,  the development company based in Mexico City, was on site and that he graciously consented to answer a few pertinent questions:

Q: When did your company first visit Rosarito?
A: We’re from a city of 25 million people but the first time we visited this area in 2004, we fell in love with it. We almost immediately started searching for the best location to be home to our project in the neighborhood in 2005.

Q: What was so different about the Baja location you discovered?
A: The natural beauty of the site was spectacular and definitely would require the construction of a top-quality project (both inside and out) to match it.

Q: What were some of the other questions you had to have answered before closing in on the deal?
A: To attract buyers from north-of-the-border (our target market), we had to consider their higher expectations. We also wanted the local developers to believe in our concept of the highest quality  materials and construction (what you could and could not see)throughout the project. We opened our blueprints and bill of materials for all to see and explained the value added for the entire region that we planned to create.

Q:  What happened next?
A: At a three day real estate developers conference in Rosarito we sold 18 units. The response was overwhelming The subsequent cancellation of a similar event scheduled several months later in Irvine, California was disappointing but we knew we had a winning  strategy with our very special project. Since we’re rated as one of the ten best construction companies of the 10,000 that existed at that time in our hometown, we knew that if we built ‘it’ (to our high standards) that they would come! Since we do everything ourselves (under the strictest supervision of our personnel and to the highest quality standards), we felt that we could produce the best oceanfront community anywhere and a lifestyle experience (we call it independent living) that could not be matched.

Q: Can you be more specific?
A: Most definitely. Oceanfront projects usually cram as many living units into their ‘envelope’ as is possible. We’ve seen some no larger than ours that have 14 units/floor that they advertise as ocean view. In reality, each has some view of the water although some are minuscule and not from every room. We have limited our buildings to 4 units/floor with ocean views from every room of every unit. In addition double walls and floors insure that each unit is not plagued with sound pollution from its neighbors (on either the same floor or units above or below).

This seems like the proper moment to talk about the development company’s concept of ‘under the hood’ amenities (the quality that you won’t readily see at Palacio del Mar but that the owners…and their guests… will get to appreciate and enjoy). It’s akin to owning/driving a well engineered automobile. What makes it so pleasurable (besides the external beauty of the marque itself) is the excellence supporting what is visible.  Check out this list,(courtesy of Baja Open House’s co-principal Mario Restrepo)not usually included as part of a residential development in our area: a project wide potassium water softening system; strategically located generators to give all the buildings power if the electricity goes out; a large refrigeration system, installed where trash is stored prior to pickup, to eliminate odors and insects…all the trash chutes, on each level of each building, feed into this system;  a water treatment plant, discrete & attractively landscaped, to recycle all gray water; a dedicated truck delivery bay in each tower, separate from the main lobbies & main vehicle driveways; a dedicated commercial sized elevator in each tower, for receiving furniture and oversized materials; extra water storage facilities for each tower in case of a short term outage and dedicated employee restrooms in each tower.

There are many other features that set the Palacio del Mar experience above and beyond any others  and  a visit to the website: …or better yet, a visit to the site itself…will help you explore these at your leisure. However, one , in particular, deserves special mention. PDM is the only development on the coast that has a large indoor heated swimming pool. It is not merely a ‘swimming pool’…it is semi-Olympic sized, heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, finished with a granite pool floor, a granite deck, a huge glass atrium above for natural light, and it is ocean front.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to contact the on-site agents, Beba Cabello and Mario Restrepo, via e-mail at:,, or via phone at (619) 866-4486 or (661) set up a mutually convenient appointment, They’ll show you all the ocean front options ( the 2/3 bedroom condos and the 4 bedroom Villas) plus all of the other on-site amenities  that are included for residents of Palacio del Mar. We wish we had the room necessary to list them all but seeing them…both in and under the ‘hood…is better!



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