The 7 th  Annual Rosarito Art Fest: the Biggest and the Best

When one of our top local artists Benito del Aguila, came up with the inspiration for this celebration of his passion back in 2010, we wonder if he had any idea of how his idea would grow into one of our area’s most honored …and anticipated…events. We, like thousands of aficionados, are eagerly looking forward to what new delights will be part of the upcoming two-day festival which is moving to a new location (Boulevard Popotla, KM #29.5 on the free  road to Ensenada at Castillos del Mar). The dates are Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 28th and 29th ) with the ‘open for business’ hours set for 11 AM to 8 PM  for both days.

In addition, thanks to the success of his wildly successful idea, the recently opened State Center for the Arts (CEART..,CENTRO ESTATAL DE LA ARTES) will also be part of the Festivities. Before we get into all of the specific details, Benito asked us to be sure to focus on these highlights:“…more than 100 artists from Argentina, Cuba, France, Nepal, Tibet, Singapore, the U.S.A. and Mexico will be represented. Two new pavilions will feature the Masters of Mexican Folk Art as well as the works of Top Local Authors. Four new documentary films will be screened. This will also be the first year of a three year goal to become a waste-free festival. Vendors have agreed to pledge to use recyclable products wherever possible In addition, special recycling containers for the disposal of trash will be easily accessible to all vendors and attendees.”
Before the event itself officially opens to the public, there will be a cocktail reception celebrating the opening of a special Rosarito Art Festival exhibit on Friday May 20 at 7:30pm at the new CEART facility on the east side of the Toll road and simultaneously honoring these members of the expatriate community that have helped to develop our community’s local arts and culture scene: they are The Rosarito Theatre Guild, Friends of the Library, Ann Hines and Marilyn
An oceanside event featuring two days of Fine Art, Live Music, and Local Cuisine honoring the talents of local and international artists. Where else would you rather be for two glorious spring days in May?  For more details , click on to To make contact with informed people who can answer your questions, e-mail:  For special hotel rates, is where you’ll want to head.


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