Valle de Guadalupe Sangría

By: Ann Hazard

Sangría is a popular summer drink in Spain. It’s fruity and tastes somewhat like a delicious wine punch. However, beware that the Mexican version has Controy and brandy, which give it an extra jolt.

This recipe makes a little over a gallon. Sangría may be served in tall glasses filled with crushed ice. It may also be served chilled in wine glasses without ice. Save the "drunk fruit" afterward to use for a quick second batch if you run out, which you may — because it's really, really good! It is my signature drink and I named it after the Guadalupe Valley just to the north of Ensenada and home of Mexico’s finest wineries.

1 medium orange
½ gallon burgundy wine
4 cups orange juice
2/3 cup Controy, Cointreau or Triple Sec
½ cup brandy
2 limónes (Mexican limes) or key limes
1 apple
1 pear
2 bananas

Using a vegetable peeler, gently peel the skin from the orange to make orange zest. Make sure it’s very thin. Put the orange zest in a small bowl. Using the back on a spoon, bruise the peel to extract the oil.

In a large punch bowl, combine wine, orange juice, Controy and brandy. Add orange zest into wine mixture.

Separate orange into sections and cut sections in half. Cut the lime into thin slices. Cut apple and pear into small pieces, leaving the skin on. Slice bananas. Add all fruits to wine mixture and chill at least four hours. Serve in clear glasses with just a couple ice cubes in each. Do not remove the fruit! 

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